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Port d'Hydra

The moment you set your eyes on Hydra it’s like love at first sight. This port, with its many pretty little coves and crystal-clear waters will enthrall you. And there’s not a car in sight to ruin your view of the horizon!

As you approach the island of Hydra, a former point of reference for pirate ships, get your camera ready for some beautiful shots.

This is a unique experience, as the port of Hydra is certainly one of the most beautiful in Greece. 

Vue générale d'Hydra

Hydra is a triumph to aesthetics. The general lay out of the town, as well as the architecture of each building are works of art in themselves.

You’ll admire its great fortified buildings and their western style architecture, as well as a few residences built by sea captains and ship owners in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Maison Hydra


Dive into the crystal-clear waters of one of its many little coves, especially at Kaminia on the outskirts of Hydra. Don’t forget your diving mask.

You won’t be disappointed by the display of marine life under its waters.
You should also try a dive at Hagios Nikolaos and Bristi on the southwestern part of the island.

A few sites for a day hike:

– the convent at Haghia Efpraxia
– the monastery at Prophitis Helias
– the monastery at Haghios Mamas

You should to plan to leave early (to avoid the heat of the afternoon). Don’t forget to bring water so you don’t get dehydrated and a lunch or a snack.

Note: You should dress appropriately when you visit the monasteries.