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The « vallée » between Ancenis and Saumur

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Ancenis. On the pillars of the stayed girder bridge on the Loire appear the armorial bearings of the two provinces: in the south the duchy of Anjou, north Brittany.


Strange. Near Rabotière, the TGV (high-speed train 300km/h) goes up the Loire while " a plate", traditional boat, file towards the downstream.

Saint Florent le Vieil

High place of the wars of Vendées… To follow

The Loire is the last wild river of Europe… that does not want to say untameable.

With respect and some precautions, it offers its course for insane escapades in family. Here near Fresne s/Loire.

One old church, one bridge stayed, a magic river… Typical and splendid, Chalonnes s/Loire


"Grande’ Prée"

Rene Gasnier, helped by Pierre (brothers), in 1908, accomplishes a flight of 500 meters, 5 meters to the top of the ground of Grande’ Prée.

These men of an insane audacity were baptized " Faucheurs de marguerittes".

Close to the locality the Haie Longue, refuge of poêtes during the last war.

Des maisons sont couchées sur des enfances basses

Pleines de géraniums et de bouquets chanteurs

Au creux de la vallée ce sont des trains qui passent

Et le convoi des solitudes sans chaleur

Mais près d’ici la bonne auberge, la tonnelle

Où volètent les mains fluviales les prénoms

Aimés : et sur la table ronde qui chancelle

Un verre vide avec des larmes dans le fond.

Renée-Guy Cadou

Montjean s/Loire, the input of an old mine

Since the esplanade of Monjean s/Loire .

The gabarre, old boat of flat-bottomed work, descended the wine from the Loire, the calcium carbonate limestone, slate… towards the Nantes Brittanycountry and went up the salt of the ocean in the center of France.

Rochefort s/Loire

St Hilaire, near Saumur (west), several boats traditional have their point of fastener

SAUMUR (May 2001)

After ceaseless downpours of rain, part of the lower ramparts of the castle broke down on dwellings in against-low…
page on the castle of Saumur

"Building Mountaineers "consolidate stone cliff.

Castle of Souzay .

In this superb small building (private) in edge of the Loire died, the 20août 1482, Marguerite of Anjou Queen of England, heroin of the War of Two Roses.

" Most unhappy of the queens of the wives and the mothers "